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Body Body 2017
South Beach 2016 - 2017
Always for me 2016-2017
Swimsuits for all 2016 - 2017
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New for 2015 Swimsuits for all! #5
Swimspot  2015 #3
Swimspot  2015 #2
Swimspot  2015
Swimspot Tankinis 2015
New for 2015 Swimsuits for all! #4
New for 2015 Swimsuits for all! #3
New for 2015 Swimsuits for all! #2
New for 2015 Swimsuits for all!
A First for Swimsuits for all!
Tankinis 2015 #2
Beach Bags Collection #3
Beach Bags Collection #2
Beach Bags Collection #1
How About Some Earrings from Roth Royale
ALL the RAGE these days . . . CHARMS! ♥4
ALL the RAGE these days . . . CHARMS! ♥3
ALL the RAGE these days . . . CHARMS! ♥2
ALL the RAGE these days . . . CHARMS!
BEHOLD!♥!  Bangles & Bracelets . . .
FAB up your outfit with a little neckline GLAM!
One Piece Swimsuits From Hapari #2
One Piece Swimsuits From Hapari
Hapari for the Guys
Bikinis from Hapari #4
Bikinis from Hapari #3
Bikinis from Hapari #2
Bikinis from Hapari #1
♥ COOL SHADES from TOMS ♥ #2
♥ COOL SHADES from TOMS ♥ #1
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 7
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 6
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 5
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 4
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 3
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis ♥ 2
VERSATILE Body Shaping Tankinis!
TANKINIS - Set 2 - SwimsuitsForAll
TANKINIS - Set 1 - SwimsuitsForAll
Looking HOT for next to NAUGHT!!!
‘tis the season for ♥♥♥ BIKINI’s
 From SWIMDRESS to TANKINI with the pull of a drawstring
FANTABULOUS One Piece Swimwear . . .
Hello Sailor Collection from Freya
Acapulco Collections From Freya
Tootsie Collection From Freya
Chic Plus Size Swimdresses for the Fashion Conscious Woman
Perfect in Plus Size - Coverups that Captivate . . .
So BLUE . . . for YOU!
Stand out in the crowd in NEON!
Not your average tankinis!
OH-OH! ♥ MY-MY! (So HIGH!!!)
LONG 'n LEAN - Are my JEANS!
BLUE - BLUE ♥ My love is BLUE!
Something SMOKIN' for every VALENTINE!
Bikinis from Body Body
Who's going to win? Get Your Gear Here ...
2014 Crocheted Bikini Collection in Midnight Black
SwimSpot ♦ Mrs. Bond Swimwear Collection 2014 ♦ Tankinis Swim

Get to know Chris as he navigates his way around the Tankinis Swim website!

Chris at Tankini Swim



Hi everyone,

Chris here (for a change)!

Thought I'd try my hand at making a video for Tankinis Swim since I really hate writing.  :(

For my first attempt I've tried to explain how to navigate our site.  (Hopefully, it's quite obvious anyway, but I had to get my feet wet somewhere!)

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future videos I'd love to hear from you. chrisandhilary@tankinisswim.org




  • Find swimwear from big name designers and the brands you love all in one easy to shop site.  Tankinis, Bikinis, Swimdresses, One piece swimsuits and Men's Boardshorts.

    TANKINIS . . . Swimwear we love for so many reasons!

    So, what exactly is a tankini?  (And why would I want one - or two - or more!?!)  Well, according to Wikipedia a tankini is a bathing suit combining a tank top and a bikini bottom.


    What is there to love about a tankini? Why, just about EVERYTHING! Tankinis swim wear is:

    ◙  Stylish and fashionable for starters!
    ◙  Versatile
    ◙  Tankinis are available in a variety of top styles such as Bandeau, Halter, Soft Cup, Underwire, Shirred Top , Slimming, Racerback/Crossback and combinations such as the Bandeau-Halter top.       
    ◙  Tankini bottoms can be varied as well. Expect to pair your tankini top with a bikini style bottom or a more modest panty style, or a short tankini skirt or tankini skorts.  Truthfully, you  have the flexibility to complete your outfit in so many ways – with your favourite capris or yoga pants or that sarong that makes you feel terrific every time you wear it.  The possibilities are endless!


    ◙  ‘Personalize-able’ – as in
    ‘Mix ‘n Match-able’. (See above!)  Vary your choice of style/color/pattern of  top with your choice of style/color/pattern of bottom.
    ◙  Modest, or not so!  The choice is yours.
    ◙  Convenient trips to the washroom are a breeze!
    ◙  Flexibility – Tankinis, including Plus Size, offer you the flexibility to enhance or conceal what you love or, don’t love ‘so much’.

    Have fun and, as always, "TANKS" for dropping by!

    Hilary and Chris


160x600 Cramer's Top Stocks


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